Fifth Birthday Event

We worked with Benefit Cosmetics to create and manage the extensive progamme and activities designed to celebrate the brand’s 5th Anniversary in HK. Involving both consumer and press activities, the celebrations centred around the creation of the a Limited Edition 5th Anniversary Box Set. With exclusive Hong Kong styled artwork, packaging design and highest quality print production, the box set featured five of Benefit’s most iconic products each representing one of Hong Kong’s most recognizable icons – all fitting together to form a stylized skyline of our eclectic city. This set was a particular coup for us as it was the first time ever that Benefit HQ in the US had given permission for product packaging to be altered.

In keeping with the fun and funky Benefit image, the party itself was not just another press event, but included carnival style party games, product demos, makeover zones and a special guest appearance by Maggie & Annie (daughters of original Benefit founders). Benefit’s 5th Anniversary activity attracted considerable press attention and the limited edition set sold out within a month.