Reebok Shoe Design

The second major collaboration between Reebok and the Stylus Design ST/ART project was the ST/ART vs RBK Classic Leather sneaker. A tribute to Hong Kong, the materials were carefully selected to reflect an urban environment – the cracked white leather symbolizing the walls of Hong Kong and the distressed, uneven, matt black leather reflecting the non-uniformity of urban materials.

Distinctive camouflage artwork, dubbed HKAMMO, was created using Hong Kong Island patterns and the ST/ART trademark star shape. Other details included a metal stencil lace bridge, black on black logo embroidery and a clear sole revealing a ST/ART logo stencil. This edition, limited to 300 pairs, was part of a regional initiative that saw selected artists from around Asia each reinterpreting the Classic for their own country, with us being chosen to represent Hong Kong.